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It is highly likely if you are looking at this web page that you are considering  bells playing a part at your Wedding; with prior arrangement the Bellringers of

Ss Peter and Paul parish church  would be delighted to ring for your wedding.

The ringers of Ss Peter & Paul are very proud of their role in continuing the long tradition of bellringing at Tring. The art of bellringing is unique to England and has changed little over centuries. Modern materials have been used in the bell chamber and the “tunes” that we ring have got slightly more complicated but, by and large, the sound of the bells celebrating your wedding will be the same as heard at weddings many hundreds of years ago.

There have been bells in Tring parish church since 1552. We have eight bells, ranging in weight from 300 kilos to over 900 kilos and a band of fifteen or so ringers, of all ages. The art of becoming a bellringer can take several years and many hours of practice. Regular practice is important as no one is beyond improvement.

Traditionally in Tring, bells are rung for half an hour after the wedding service, and involves 8 ringers making themselves available for an hour to prepare and ring the bells for you.

If you would like to see the bells and some ringing in action we will be delighted to meet you and show you both around the tower on any Tuesday evening between 8.00pm and 9.00pm before your wedding day.

We hope that, amid all the excitement of your big day, you and your guests will find time to pause for a moment and enjoy the sound of these historic bells ringing out in celebration of your marriage.

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